$100 Outdoor Furniture to Choose From

Is it time to update your outdoor furniture but tight on the budget? Well here we are to rescue you from your old and useless junk as we present furniture under $100! 

Restore your outdoor table just by drilling and painting that cost you only $10! Mr and Mrs. Woodsy have demonstrated that it is possible to salvage any old furniture back to its own shape. See SewWoodsy.com

Sew and make things interesting just as Laura Janning has illustrated, making these old chaise loungers with torn fabrics into a bright new piece for the outdoor room. See TopThisTopThat.com

Jennifer Hadfield gives us a fabulous idea to make an ordinary picnic table into something interesting. Unconventional use of subway tile to add into the table makes that old furniture into new. See TatertotsandJello.com

Meanwhile, Melissa Molitor keeps it in simple efforts to make an ordinary chair look new by painting them with bright or neon colors that only cost her $5! 

For kids, Little Tikes Car is a popular item among those home owners with a spacious backyard but due to old age, these cute toys fade. What do you do? why not paint it just like Molly Wagner did at http://www.justalittlecreativity.com/

Posted by Diane Araga, on June 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM