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Leading Shade Manufacturer, Treasure Garden

Treasure Garden, a manufacturer of shading products since 1984.

Outdoor Rug About to Come Out in 2014

Treasure Garden recently introduced an outdoor rug suitable for 2014 trends as showcased in the September Casual Furniture Market.

Classroom Essentials Provide Outdoor Seatings

Now available in the famous leading school furniture shop, are outdoor furniture perfect for school events.

Insect Inspired Furniture Offered by Deesawat

Teak comes popular from Asian countries, in fact, it became so popular that Asian countries have developed various kinds of designs for this material.

2013 Outdoor Furniture Trending Designs for Entertainment

Design is the first thing that customers look at when shopping for an outdoor furniture and this year, being innovative is what manufacturers significantly increase in their new collections.

Trends for 2013: New Trends for Outdoor Eating Areas

When looking through exhibits and markets, it is important to take note of the spaces you need to upgrade.

Trends and Shows: MMPI Launches International Casual Furniture and Accessories Market

On September 17-20, 2013, Merchant Mart Properties Inc. (MMPI) will be launching the event that will cater to the outdoor/indoor casual furniture.

Winners For Design Excellence in Furniture Announced

The ICFA, also known as the International Casual Furnishings Association who is featured in Furniture World Magazine, has announced the winners for various categories in the ICFA's new Design Excellence competition.

Style and Design in Fall

In between the seasons and the changes in temperature, there will be a lot of adjustments happening for the common patio furniture.

What FurnitureInFashion is All About

This UK-based company can be found online but has their warehouse located at Germany with a live showroom in Bolton, UK.

Furniture In Fashion Partners with Netfurniture

Leading supplier Furniture In Fashion is all about contemporary furniture and now it is expanding its networks through a partnership with NetFurniture.

Patio Design with Stainless and Teak

Moisture can kill a furniture in its form and style as the summer season ends.

Summer Classics Hires KC Pang

The new Director of Asian Operations for Summer Classics has been announced, namely KC Pang.

Online Shop Gives Guide to Outdoor Furniture Nesting

HomeThangs.com shows their concern for consumers and their outdoor furniture through tips and guides released.

Summer Classics, a Company Focused in Outdoor Furniture

This company has been known as an innovator of outdoor furniture with its main business running as a manufacturer and retailer of such products.

Recycle Cable Drums And Wood Pallets into Furniture

Every creative way to make spaces beautiful could be possible and recycling is one of the good ways to do it.

Technique to Make Furniture Weather Ready and Protected in Years

Ace Hardware's home expert and TV host named Lou Manfredini states salt and water solution is the secret to a well protected outdoor furniture.

Small Spaces, Big Opportunities

Just because you have a small space in your backyard, doesn't always automatically mean you can't have a great outdoor space.

Simple Maintenance, Longer Life

Proper care is the simple equation to making your furniture last longer and the summer has just given everyone a chance to have proper care.

Colors Are Fun

Brooke Downing and garden designer, Sue Wurm, this featured garden of a Bohemian-style is astonishingly filled with so many colors.

Online Launch of New Products for SimplyLoveGardening

Outdoor garden and living areas from SimplyLoveGardening was recently released online.

Unusual Can Be Usual With New Furnitures

The unusual activities could be your usual with these new products released in the market.

Terra Patio and Garden at its Finest

Founded in 1998, Terra Patio and Garden is all about outdoor furniture that features works from artisans worldwide.

Lady Bug Furniture Recalled and Stated Hazardous

The end of July meant an important recall of products from Far East Brokers.

New Products for August From Annie Wicker

Discounts and new products are headed your way as Annie's Wicker Furniture and Accessories announce that new products are to be out by August.

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