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30 Second Outdoor Cleaner To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

When you live near a body of water or the weather in your region is quite humid, placing outdoor furniture can be quite a hassle.

Couple Preserves Furniture Through Powder Coating

Changing the color and weatherproofing your outdoor furniture can be done using an environment-friendly process that couples Jim and Krissy Dziewior are promoting – powder coating.

WinTons Teak Now Offers Outdoor Tiles

Wintons Teak Outdoor Furniture has added outdoor tiles to their product lines; which included sofas, tables and chairs.

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips

Cleaning outdoor patio furniture is often relegated to spraying it down with a hose and letting it air dry. After all, it is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, and barring it being struck by lightning or melting in the hot summer heat, the only thing you really have to...

Independent Bar In Weymouth Is In Dire Straits

Boho, a bar located in the Weymouth town center, is in dire straits after its outside seating area has been removed.

Charlie Dimmock Joins Homes, Gardens & Outdoor Living at Costa del Sol

The Homes, Gardens & Outdoor Living Show will be going to Costa del Sol!

Patios: Outdoor Living Space Deconstructed

Creating an outdoor living space is essential for most people. This is the reason why they take so much time and effort designing their gardens and patios. Listed are some tips one can utilize in making their patio the focal point of their outdoor living space.

Plastics Recycled Into Outdoor Furniture

Plastic is everywhere. It is one of the most durable items invented by man. Unfortunately, plastic is also one of the main waste contributors since it hardly degrades.

Tires Turned Into Outdoor Furniture

Rene Olivier, a furniture designer from London, has recently been selected as the best student furniture designer of the year during the Mixology Awards.

Fermob Chairs Featured In Garden Design Magazine

The Sixties armchair is back. It is currently the feature of Garden Design magazine online. Their featured armchair is made by Fermob.

Source Outdoor Expanding On The West Coast

Source Outdoor Furniture Company said that they will be opening a distribution and sales office in the next few weeks on the West Coast.

LHB Expands Its Tommy Bahama Line to Include Outdoors

LHP has introduced the Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living. It is a collection of about 160 outdoor furnishings that reflect the company’s indoor collections.

Transfoma Formally Launches Outdoor Collection

Australian company Transforma has launched it new outdoor collection.

Bombay Company Increases Its Offerings With Tie-Up With Arden

Arden Companies and Bombay Company formed a partnership that will increase the latter’s furniture offerings which will include outdoor furniture.

Latest Peak Season Products Now Available Only At Authorized Dealers

Peak Season, Inc. announced that its newest product lines for next year are already available to authorized dealers.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Furniture Through Powder Coating

Thinking of throwing that old lawn chair away? Why not spruce it up? Change its color using powder coating!

Beautiful Wastes: Recycled Garden Furniture Products

Recycling isn’t just separating biodegradable from non-biodegradable, there's actually more to it. In fact, there are a ton of things that you can make out of garbage.

Capris Furniture Industries Celebrates With Truckload of Freebies

One of the suppliers of outdoor furniture in Florida is giving away a whole truck of furniture at High Point Market.

Selecting Outdoor Furniture

There are many kinds of outdoor furniture that fit the taste of various consumers. There are the luxurious types, designs for comfort, practical-centered kinds and in some cases, the artistic expression class. What will you use your patio for?

Get a Backyard Picnic Area

Having a picnic can be one idea which can bring together the family but a typical floor picnic usually doesn’t provide much of a comfort. Get ideas on how to make a good picnic venue at your own backyard.

Hoteliers Take Part in Environment Issues Through Outdoor Furniture

It is unquestionable that many businesses turn green to contribute in helping save the environment. From recycling to saving utilities, each one strives to bring in an environment friendly solution.

Robert H. Peterson Company Acquires Outdoor Furniture Products

Gas grills, gas logs and manufacturing. That has what Robert H. Peterson Company was all about for the past years and they have been one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Four Exterior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Simplicity is key when it comes to decorating a patio or backyard. You should always avoid excessive ornamentation such as statues and numerous rows of hanging plants. If you prefer something beyond outdoor furniture, then small koi ponds and fountains can definitely work. A...

Make your Home Interesting with Garden Deco Ideas

Making your garden beautiful isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if it’s not your profession, but it could be easy with just some simple guiding ideas to make it stand out.

Common Mistakes Outdoor Furniture Buyers Make

Price is not always the basis for its quality and we have all the hoteliers to attest to that. So what can a consumer do to avoid getting cheated on? Here are some tips in buying the best for your budget!

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