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Surviving the Outdoors, Stability of Furniture

As it has been noted by many, material is essential as it defines the lifespan of the furniture. More importantly, climate is the largest factor to be considered in picking new collections as it should withstand different occasions of climates.

Suppliers Reveal What Trending Materials Matter

Sales Manager of Select Furnishings, Jonathan Warth states that durable and softer fabrics are now available in the market, thanks to the improvement of technology.

The Reinvention of Outdoor Furniture

It seemed like yesterday that outdoor furniture was typically plastic chairs and old tables but now, according to Jamie Knights, hotels are now reaching out to other options and designs.

Annual Garden Party is Led by the Summer Classics This Year

Last month, the celebration for the annual garden party had been hosted by one of the leading outdoor furniture manufacturers. The said company was no other than Summer Classics.

Trash and Other Junk Used to Make Furniture

Nothing is junk. Well, almost nothing. If it’s incapable of being sufficiently cleaned, crawling with bugs, or can somehow kill you, then it might be junk; for everything else, however, you have the perfect opportunity to get creative and create some interesting pieces of furniture.

The Pop-Up Gazebo Showdown

The outdoors is one of the most spectacular choices for special occasions, thus a garden gazebo keeps it comfortable. With the lovely ambiance and the shade provided, dining can be much more relaxing.

Maintenance Free Backyard

Not everybody is into gardens and nature-filled backyards, some of us just wants a spacious deck that would come cheap, especially in maintenance, repairs and time.

8 Necessities for a Cottage Garden

Though it may look a ton of fun to create your own cottage garden, and magazines make it look as if it was easy, the reality is that Cottage Gardens are really a big mess if planning is not made.

What a Cottage Garden Could Be

A cottage garden’s goal can be described in one word – inviting. With this said a ton of other requirements pass up our brains on how to create the “perfect” cottage garden.

How to Build A Stone Wall

There are only 6 easy steps in achieving a very fine finish product of a stone wall and if done right, it could last years and even a lifetime.

Outdoor Accents – Stone Walls

What is a field stone wall and what does it do to your lawn or backyard? A field stone wall is a wall made out of big rocks.

Hurricane Proof Furniture

If you live in the south or on the east coast, for a few months out of every year, hurricanes pose a significant threat. Although it’s rare, complete and total devastation is a possibility, but for most, concern typically revolves around smaller things like pool cages, plants,...

E-Commerce Website Launched for Outdoor Furniture Bel Appollo

Bel Appollo Enterprise is a new internet retailer of outdoor furniture found in Pennsylvania. The online shop sells affordable furniture from lawn to garden merchandise.

Old Modern Furniture Gets An Update To Become Modern Again

It was at the end of 2009 when they first released these designs but, up until today, they still created a modern image where the pieces seemed timeless.

Simple and Luxurious Outdoor Furniture

A Belgian company called Extreme, has touched the outdoor furniture with its simplicity and luxurious style that answers to the three words that is typically associated with it – picnics, patios, and furniture.

Outdoor Cocktail Bar by Metalco

Putting modern design and outdoor endurance isn’t going to be easy if you're building a cocktail bar, but Metalco has definitely done it good with their outdoor cocktail bar.

The Yellow Convertible Chair

I’m not so sure why they called it the Urban Seat but it sure has created a modern and practical image on me. Designed by Damien Gires, this yellow metal thing is actually outdoor furniture that functions as a chair and a table in a simple switch.

Sit in a Siesta Bench

Using a typical bench for its base, Emanuele Magini has designed an outdoor bench-cum-chair which aims to give consumers a relaxing feature keeping things in a simple form.

5 Pieces of Unique Outdoor Furniture

With outdoor furniture, don’t feel as if you need to be hindered by what stores and dealers offer you. While traditional wood, plastic, and wrought iron pieces of furniture are great and, of course, practical, modern art has given rise to a number of unique and definitely odd...

Concepts and Designs for Practical yet Fashionable Furniture

Perfect for near-by swimming pools or wet-and-wild gardens, this folding and expandable chair is a fashionable addition to the outdoor areas.

The Igloo Fire Camp

Get into this unique and new design from Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter, an outdoor fireplace that not only keep you stylish, but also serves its purpose well.

Furniture Shopping Online Tips

Online scammers and false advertising invading the industry may have put a scare in most customers to buy online and even though most of the sales are now digital, there are still a lot of people frightened of online purchases, especially with furniture.

Nature Inspired This Stool and Infiniti Designs Designed It

Nature inspired this stool and Infiniti designs designed it.Eva stool is nature-inspired furniture that perfectly fits the natural positions of a human being toward a tree, where in comfort and style is combined in one.

It’s Not a Swing Set, It’s a Hanging Garden!

Martin Solem has recently released a new outdoor furniture décor that was perfect for lovers of hanging furniture and light. It was called the hanging bench.

The Bushy Chair

Over the outdoor month, Apartment Therapy has created a design that not only stands as a symbol of honoring outdoor month but is also so unique, that it surpassed outdoor furniture ideas.

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