A Good Outdoor Space Ensures Property Sale

Selling properties entails not only the furniture, the exterior and the location, it is also about having the right garden or an outdoor space where clients can feel their freedom in their own private space. 

Charles Barnard Estate Agent Dareel Knight explains that the garden is partly their selling point as they show how tidy it is with swept leaves, clean areas, mown lawns, clipped hedges and weeded flower beds. 

Keeping materials and furniture maintained is also a way to keep the property on the list of buyers. Present it at its best figure by simply doing some DIY projects such as paintng the fences, fixing gates etc. 

Keep all areas functional and clear out clutter from garage spaces, green houses and sheds. There should not be any dumping areas that would entail a waste of space. This way, customers are able to find more reasons to enjoy their potential future home even at first screening. 

Toys found outdoors should also be stowed away and patios or decks should be kept clean to avoid any slips from moss build ups. Removing unwanted dirt in the outdoor space will also increase customer's attraction. 

Furniture outdoors are easily worn out so keeping it clean will allow it to have a longer life span, especially if it is all taken care of during winter. 

If new furniture will be bought, it is advisable not to buy white plastic ones since they easily break and are very cheap looking. 

Tidy up your outdoor space and you will certainly attain selling those properties! 

Posted by Diane Araga, on July 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM