Colors Are Fun

Brooke Downing and garden designer, Sue Wurm, this featured garden of a Bohemian-style is astonishingly filled with so many colors. from turquoise, purple, yellow and pink, the whole area is popping of happy colors and furnishings. 

“It’s funky, fun, colorful and bright,” Wurm said.

This design made by Wurm is basically an inspiration on how to create a beautiful looking backyard from scratch. Some of these furnishings just came from thrift shops, garage sales, or pieces from the basement. Anything she could salvage, she used for the outdoors. 

The cottage styled home that Downing is living in is a perfect match for the bohemian styled garden, hence had made her home much more beautiful than ever. 

The renovation of the backyard space was just started last June and stepping stones were the first move. A potting space, a firepit and new seating areas were next. 

The basement materials gave them a few things to work on for their outdoor space, including trays and cardboard boxes that turned into molds for mexican tiles. Beer bottles turnied into designs from its glasses. 

In Downing's design, being in "order" was the only requirement. 

Firepits were surrounded by bencehs that was simply repainted, bricks around the yard defined the style and a blue and cream kitchen cupboard set from the garage was turned into the dining set for the outdoors. 

The wooden porch swing was even taken out from years ago and yet now it looks beautiful. 

Organization is simply the key and every junk can be turned great furniture. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM