Eco Friendly Garden Furniture Tips

Living Eco-friendly is important as our planet's resources are only limited and our health depends on it. As stewards of these creation, it is up to us on how we utilize what we have and save before its gone. 

Food, products, cars, clothes can be Eco-friendly and even furniture is now ready for such concept. Yes, I said outdoor furniture and as we all know, these things can easily fade, broken or simply be ruined by the weather, hence lead people to buy new ones every now and then. So to remain Eco-friendly, here's some tips for keeping your old furniture. 

Restoring the old furniture is the simplest way to keep yourself Eco-friendly and it also helps save money! Plastics are easy to take care of and cleaning is the only answer to keep it restored. Rather than using chemicals, lemon juice or vinegar will do the trick into scrubbing the algae and dirt off and bring out the shine it originally had. 

Wood meanwhile would need cleaning and then an Eco friendly acrylic, oil and VOC free varnish! 

If you have no choice but to buy a new furniture, dispose the old ones properly where it could be recycled or disposed in an Eco-friendly way. 

Buying recycled furniture or ones that are easy to be recycled. Aluminum and rattan are the common furniture that are often recycled but if you dislike this material, ensure that you choose sturdy types that will last longer. 

There are some wood furniture available that can be called eco-friendly too, as some of them are sustainable sourced. 

Posted by Diane Araga, on May 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM