Furniture Ideas For the Outdoor Room

Want to have unique furniture that will save you space, electricity or plainly just give your backyard a good spice? Here are a few furniture ideas:

1. From Ikea, this cute bird shaped light chain needs not to be plugged anymore! Its solar powered and can fit beautifully on any area, costing you only $14.99

2. From World Market features this Outdoor Led Frameless Pillars worth $79. It looks just like a candle, only you don't burn anything! 

3. This $79 Blue London stool from World Market is perfect for the outdoors since it can withstand anything and the color can just be good enough to create a good mood! 

4. Its not just a ball, its an interesting Fire Pit! Its $329 though. 

5. Ikea's Hammock ideas are great and they come as a lovely outdoor bed in its modern take for only $29.99

6. Hide those ugly walls with Flora Grubb Garden's Woolly pocket garden for $54

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM