New Commercial Pieces Unveiled by Fashion Seating

A new collection is released by Fashion Seating. The new collection involves indoor and outdoor furniture which is available online at their website :

“Setting one’s bar or restaurant apart from the competition means offering amenities others don’t. As the weather improves and temperatures rise, a distinct competitive advantage can easily be secured by investing in outdoor commercial furniture. At Fashion Seating, our extensive range of patio pieces, including chairs, bar stools, and tables, allows for a business to easily transform their outdoor area from lackluster to endlessly appealing,” said CEO of restaurant furniture retailer Eli Flesh.

The materials used for the new collection include aluminum, which guarantees durable quality made for outdoors. 

The aluminum folding chairs are one of their feature products itemized with the code AS-99AC. This particular product was made for proprietors of diners that have outdoor seating areas in its weather resistant and lightweight features. Foldable and designed in attractive schemes, these chairs are affordable at prices of $58 each. Bulk orders are also offered in lower prices at $43. If consumers order more than 72 pieces, a piece can go as low as $40. 

Other than the foldable aluminum chair, another furniture featured in the online store is their Grey Riding chair coded as AS-60-AG. This new product is made in steel frame that ensures durability and comfort. Priced at $65, each chair guarantees stylish and modern design that can also go down in price for bulk orders. With over 12-35 pieces of orders, customers can purchase this particular product for $50 and can also go as low as $44 for orders bigger than 72 pieces. 

Tables are also available for restaurants with outdoor spaces. The 36" steel mesh table top and base with the code AS-SM36G was specially made for outdoor use with an umbrella hole is perfect for outdoor bars and restaurants. Adding parasols further adds aesthetics and protection to customers. 

For only $178, the dining table can be purchased.
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM