Outdoor Areas that are Ready for Winter

The bad side of having 4 seasons is having to put away your relaxation areas for winter. But that does not always need to be the case. 

According to Jocasta Bronwasser from Jetmaster Fireplaces, WA, outdoor heating system products in portable sizes or built-in gas and wood-burning fireplaces are already available in the market, making the outdoors a good place to relax in all year round. 

"Many of us feel nostalgic when we see a dancing flame," she said and added "The warmth and ambiance that a fire can bring to your outdoor area tends to conjure up fond memories and feelings of well being."

To be able to attain this comfortable outdoor ready for any season, you need the following: 
1. Winter warmers such as heating systems.

"Outdoor heaters are a great entertaining accessory, keeping guests warm and comfortable while they wine and dine during the cooler months," said Cameron Rist from Bunning's.

Freestanding patio heaters may also help in making that ambiance cozy or built-in wall or ceiling heaters. These have become popular to the consumers these days according to Rod Betts of Barbecue Bazaar. 

He also indicated that some may even have high-technology such as having a remote ignition. 

Jason Hughes meanwhile is a buyer from Masters Home Improvement and stated that pizza ovens and chimineas are the popular choice in their shop. Its not only a cooking material, its also a way to keep things warm around the area. 

Natalie Boyd of Bella Life Style also mentions that a "A fire pit can be a cosy and inviting place to chat with friends on a cool evening,"

2. Keeping the area enclosed as much as possible. Though this would be ironic for an outdoor space, this strategy could be an answer to the outdoor elements that may disrupt the heating system's efficiency. 

Screens or blinds are a good choice as protection from wet and cold. 

Ms Boyd said a well-positioned screen could also provide protection from both the wet and the cold. "Bamboo, brushwood, steel, wood, acrylic, plastic or waterproof canvas are all options," said Boyd. "More structural screens can also be feature brick, stone, render or timber cladding."

But if you are not a fan of these blinds or walls, get yourself into planting to make a hedge, gabion or a tree! 

3. Winter Alfresco areas are not complete without furniture. 

"Furniture can make or break your outdoor area," said  Debbie Taylor from Mondo Landscapes. "You want it to stand the test of time," she said.

While all furniture materials are good, Adam Eaton from the Outdoor Furniture Specialists recommends wood, wicker, aluminum, glass and stone for an outdoor area. 

4. Outdoor cooking is an increasing market according to Alfresco Kitchens' Ric Piil.

"Savvy homeowners are spending significant amounts on the 'outdoor room' and they are looking at ways to extend the use of their investments to include all seasons," he said.

5. Make sure you have light for a lovely look. 

"Some of the best views include watching the rain, lightning storms, or just watching the weather change," said Stacey Spencer of the Garden Light Company. "Seasonal differences also give you an appreciation for light-reflection changes on your garden."
Posted by Diane Araga, on June 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM