Outdoor Lighting Trends 2013 from Lamp Plus

In Los Angeles California, the retail lighting leader Lamp Plus has released its April 2013 collection of Outdoor Living catalog. The trends in this year for lighting, furniture and decor outdoors include materials for patio, porch and garden. Chief Creative Officer of Lamps Plus Manja Swanson shares the consumer activity and trend combinations that led to the trendsetting designs. 

“We use our outdoor spaces for so much—reading, relaxing, throwing a party, taking a snooze. Increasingly, people are envisioning the outdoors as a room like any other—an extension of their indoor space. Every good room begins with lighting.” says Swanson. 

LED lighting is one of the trends that adds a rich look but keeps everything energy efficient and stylish. Verious lighting architecs are there to decorate your home according to your needs. 

“One particular topic popular among urban planners and landscape architects is dark sky lighting for the home and garden,” says Swanson. “Created in response to a growing movement to reduce light pollution in the nighttime sky, dark sky wall lights often reflect downward or against the wall, adding a stylish addition to the exterior without adding glare to the sky above.”

Other than lighting, Lamp Plus also carries furniture pieces for the outdoors and has the important feaures of UV Protection and anti-bacterial fibers.

“From modern wicker chairs to Adirondack style loungers, it’s possible to find designer-savvy, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture these days. Combined with textile accents, these designs help to soften your outdoor space.” Swanson said and adds that the company is dedicated to catering to the needs of those outdoor entertainers. 

“Now that your outdoor space is comfortable and ready to go, invite guests over. This year we’re seeing a lot of interest in outdoor entertaining. You can use playful string party lights or colorful candle lanterns to add ambience to your festive occasion. If you’ll be cooking after dark, we offer long-lasting battery powered LED BBQ lights.”

Swanson also indicated in his speech that their company also offers different furniture for comfort “Enjoy a fountain or an outdoor ceiling fan. The sound of running water or a nice breeze is soothing enough to slow down even the most zealous homeowner.” he said and adds “Install the appropriate fan or fountain, sit back and enjoy the cool, calm comfort of your great outdoors.”

Posted by Diane Araga, on April 29, 2013 at 9:00 AM