Outdoor Space and Entertainment

Outdoor Space and Entertainment

The weather may be unpredictable but who wouldn't love entertaining in the yard in this time of the year? The outdoors is the perfect spot to create a social space with a meal outdoors that could be delightful if decorated accordingly. 

So if you persist on dining outside, here are a few tips to create your perfect outdoor entertaining space especially made for weird climates. 

1. The important aspect of going back to the basics is getting yourself some shade and shelter. Using parasol for shades or make a little gazebo or a summerhouse for a much more cozy experience. 

Keep it cheap but stylish by buying cheap summerhouses and simply transform them with a few tins of paint and remodeling. 

If you are a big spender, iron gazebos are best advised by furniture companies and canvas liners will make your dining space waterproof and windproof. 

2. Another option for your outdoor space is a non-permanent free-standing shelters such as shade sails or canopies provide style and serves its purpose well - which is to hide you away from sun or rain. Large canvases however, should not be done along and be set up by professionals kept in constant tension. 

Ikea offers a great outdoor product, a Dyning canopy which is water repellent and UV ray protection is also provided. 

3. Instead of using umbrellas, you can use large cantilevered parasols that woud be placed on the side of the table. These wonderful creations are great for dates since the parasols won't be in the middle to interrupt. In addition, the fabrics are also fun and entertaining in its either tropical or bold decors. 

The Skyler Parasol from Habitat shows you that high end without the high price. Meanwhile the Frou Frou Parasol by Sywawa is the most expensive one from Design. In Europe, this parasol is around £1,713. 

4. Buy seats that are entertaining and by this, it means it can be used for dining or for social gatherings alone. Wooden rattan armchairs or metal bistro seats are great samples for your outdoor space. Teak meanwhile is popular but if you are buying them, ensure that it is FSC-certified from sustainable forests. 

5. Grilling or cooking out makes the most fun in social gatherings. Glam Camping company offers a good Feast set which includes tripod, grill, and a cooking pot. If you have extra dollars, The Avalon BBQ from Calor is a wonderful gadget for your major cook off and includes four stainless steel burners, an electric rotisserie and warming rack.

6. Make sure that your area is wll lit, especially if your event is held in the dark. There are light products with sensors available in them, this will lessen the hassles of darkness and bring in glow in each conversation. You can use string lights or led lights, an outdoor standard lamp or a floor lamp will do. It will also ensure your guests are away from bugs! 

7. Finally, decorate your area with accessories! Pretend your outdoor area is your living room to keep your ideas comfortable and interesting. Cushions, sculptures, planters, dining accessories, and fabrics will bring in a softer look. Just make sure you don't spend too much in decorating! Keeping it simple is still best!
Posted by Diane Araga, on May 24, 2013 at 10:00 AM