Simple Maintenance, Longer Life

Proper care is the simple equation to making your furniture last longer and the summer has just given everyone a chance to have proper care. 

Pricey or not, every furniture deserves to be taken care of since it is considered an investment. 

Matt Blashaw, the host of DIY Network's "Yard Crashers" states the same belief and the tips below is a summary of how simple you can make your furniture last longer: 

1. Cover them up. Metal, plastic or wood furniture could need covers especially if it is not in use. Simple cloth or weather proof covers could help in keeping the material intact. 

"There are furniture covers of just about every shape and size available," he says. 

Ensure that these covers are right fit for every stye. In addition, fire pits and chimeneas could also be covered with elasticized covers. 

2. Clean them carefully and ensure that the dirt won't be around to cause any growth of bacteria. If regular cleaning is done, less effort should be required every so often. 

"Who wants to spend the first warm days of spring on furniture cleanup duty anyway?" Blashaw says.

But be sure to use the right cleaning products. It is important to check with the directions or the manufacturer before applying the cleaning solutions. In fact, the simplest and rightful ingredient in cleaning is just soap and water! 

"Monthly cleaning and maintenance can help the furniture maintain a good appearance and make your investment last longer," said Colleen Maiura, spokeswoman of Lowe's Home Improvement.

3. Follow the additional maintenance as instructed and this include oiling or varnishing the wood, waxing wicker, paint retouches for metal frames and many more. The instructions will be stated in most furniture, if not, there's always YouTube! 

4. Check the warranty and its lifespan. Don't just throw it away, keep it and repair it! 

"Keep the receipt, and if the furniture does not hold up to the regular 'wear and tear' promise within the warranty period, contact the manufacturer and get yourself a brand new set," said Blashaw "Many homeowners throw the warranty card away and, in turn, throw big money in the trash."

5. Every style is made right for every environment so make sure that the style you choose is right for your home. If you choose the right furniture, less maintenance would be required, hence, less effort. 

Remember, big gaps in joints of furniture pieces could cause water to warp or rust furniture so if it rains a lot in your area, don't buy furniture of these kinds.
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 21, 2013 at 10:00 AM