Small Spaces, Big Opportunities

Just because you have a small space in your backyard, doesn't always automatically mean you can't have a great outdoor space. 

Though ideas are limited and inspiration from magazines are quite impossible, thinking out of the box should apply. Think of it as a challenge for your own home. 

Brian Patrick Flynn has featured various ideas that could be followed and together with two design experts, Kylie Schuneman and Chris Lambton, a small yard could be maximized. 

Schuneman is the author of The First Apartment where he focused on small spaces and featured ways to get through function and style in one. Just like the seating that have hidden storage spaces and tall plants that provide walls and decor at the same time, these ideas could be found. 

Things need not to be expensive, in fact, Lambton of DIY TV show host Going Yard, indicated that light weight and inexpensive things are the way to go. This way, you can buy varieties and allows users versatility, hence movement of furniture bring in different styles and design for the outdoor apace. 

Of course, the right furniture is still important in achieving the best looking outdoor space. The right furniture for such a small environment and the weather that the home withstands. 

If you want to make your space smaller, all you have to do is add more furniture but if you want a maximized and spacious room, go with sectional such as perfect square areas. There's a flow in the room just by following this rule. 

One idea that makes the room comfortably follow the sectional rule is by using a U-shaped furniture. Another way is by utilizing the view of your home, face it rather than away from it. 

Plants are also important to consider especially if the space is small. Those plants woth purposes can be great help in maximizing space or beautifying it. 

Just like lavenders, not only are they beautiful but they are also great insect repellents. 

Though there are misconceptions in growing plants where people think its hard, Flynn thinks otherwise. Just give it a little water and all is well. 

A small space also needs to have a vertical view to keep it looking long and making it much more alive. This lengthens the space and gives it height. Together worth long curtains this could be achieved. 

In other tips, Flynn also suggest that users don't get afraid in playing with colors. Consistent use of colors makes the place look like they are in a flow, thus would make the space looking open. 

If colors are not played with, art could be an option. It could also be done in a DIY way, from self made canvass, tile piles and many other creations, all you have to do is blthink out of the box!

Posted by Diane Araga, on August 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM