Technique to Make Furniture Weather Ready and Protected in Years

Ace Hardware's home expert and TV host named Lou Manfredini states salt and water solution is the secret to a well protected outdoor furniture. 

All it takes is salt, water and scrubbing with a brush and after cleaning, you could keep the furniture looking good just by putting plastic covers. 

Recovering furniture however is a different story. The UV rating should be considered and moisture exposure should be controlled. 

VP of education and field operations at Fibrenew, Daniel Danforth, indicated that those two factors are important in extending lifespans of materials. Danforth also states that rusting could be avoided if coating is applied since sunlight and moisture makes rusting occur. 

Simply soap and water is the solution for cleaning while storing it away when not in use could help maintain. Although there are various other experts that oppose and state that storing away is not needed, those other tips could be rooted back to stowing away in a different concept. It may be from covers, to shading, or to adding solutions or wax for protections. 

In summary, the important thing to note is the fact that you clean the furniture regularly.
Posted by Diane Araga, on August 26, 2013 at 10:00 AM