Trash and Other Junk Used to Make Furniture

Nothing is junk. Well, almost nothing. If it’s incapable of being sufficiently cleaned, crawling with bugs, or can somehow kill you, then it might be junk; for everything else, however, you have the perfect opportunity to get creative and create some interesting pieces of furniture.

Here are some examples from around the web that feature junk transformed into furniture.

Computer Hardware Chair

When a motherboard or hard drive dies, it often ends up either in the trash or tucked away in the back of a closet for that moment when you finally realize, “Maybe I can try and fix this thing?” If neither of those options suit your fancy, then you can simply
re-purpose it...into a chair.

That’s what a design team at brcdesigns did with a bunch of old computer hardware. As you can see, these incredibly unique chairs are comprised entirely of computer parts. The base of the chair is made of motherboards, graphics cards, fans, and everything in between, while the seat is made of overlapping cables. It may not be the most COMFORTABLE piece of furniture, but it’s definitely a great conversation starter. They even made tables, screwing supports and pieces of glass to the top of a mass of computer parts. I wouldn’t advise propping your feet up on it, though, no matter how sturdy it looks.


Furniture Made Out of....Mines?

Yes, mines. Old, rusty, abandoned (and deactivated) naval mines form the backbone of these unique pieces of furniture designed by Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin. They were recovered from an ex-Soviet fortress on Naissaar Island, and their design has allowed Karmin to make a number of unique pieces of furniture, including a desk, a baby carriage, a furnace, an aquarium, and my personal favorite, a bathtub. While the prospect of bathing in a rusted out instrument of destruction might be a little frightening, it just goes to show that another man’s junk is truly another man’s treasure.


Posh Chairs Made from Suitcases

An old suitcase or trunk doesn’t need to be relegated to the back of a closet, especially if you have some cushions lying around. South African designer Katie Thompson and Recreate takes old suitcases, adds some legs and some cushions, and
re-purposes them into comfortable chairs. In one case she actually takes an old, large bucket and simply adds a cushion on top, creating a nice foot rest. It’s the very essence of recycled furniture with an added bit of flair. Since you can add whatever you want as the cushions, the options for creating it to suit your own taste are endless.


Circuit Board Sneakers

Ok, so it’s technically not furniture, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention these absolutely crazy sneakers made out of old computer parts by designer Gabriel Dishaw. Stylized after the popular Air Jordan sneaker and even decorated with the recognizable Nike “Swoosh,” these sneakers will probably be the most uncomfortable things you have ever worn, what with the fact that they will probably cut your feet up like nothing before. Conversely, you can wear them as a conversation starter, then when women complain about wearing high heels, all you have to do is mention how you sacrificed half a pint of blood to be the only person in the world wearing circuit shoes.


Used Airplane Parts Can Make All Types of Furniture

While it might be difficult to find used airplane parts, many artists have taken to utilizing these behemoths of the sky as decorative pieces of furniture. These can range from simple desks made out wings to coffee tables that use the aircraft engine as a base. While these types of recycled furniture are in high demand, they are VERY expensive and typically purchased only by businesses and the very rich.

Posted on September 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM