Trend Grows Purchases of Furniture

The new summer look for patios and garden furniture are ever changing, thus has allowed homeowners to seek for materials that are higher in value as they look at the function, comfort and style of each furniture. 

The outdoor spaces are continually growing to be similar to those of indoor spaces and architects have introduced trends which they call contemporary lifestyle. 

National Association of Realtors Hot Home Trends for 2013 states that owners nowadays need more than just the terraces and decks. Beyond those concepts, comfort and style similar to a traditional indoor space is brought outdoors to make it functional. From fireplaces curtains, audio systems to furniture, the trend is now going for its betterment. 

Specially during this season, families opt for the outdoors and have come to purchase decorations and accessories that would make the space as comfortable as the indoors. But of course, since the materials are outdoors, practicality and durability are still in check. The main trending purchase points to practicality. 

Decks become "livable" and much more inspired, as stated by Co-founder of Leslie Linevsky. 

Within 2 years, over 24% of the increased buyers purchase furnishings and decors for the outdoors, along with the growth of versatile high-end of the furniture industry. 

The trend called Contemporary Living is described as entertainment and relaxation outdoors. This lifestyle changes the purchasing activity of customers, hence has given sites like an increase in sales. 

According to CEO and President of Home and Patio Decor Center, June Williams,  buyers are drawn to making larger investments. Furniture, dining accessories and other materials are selected according to its materials. From quality melamine to acrylic, quality is highly prioritized.
Posted by Diane Araga, on July 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM