Resources for Locating the Best Outdoor Furniture

Locating the best outdoor furniture for your back deck or patio doesn’t have to be a difficult or time consuming effort. Whether you’re looking for classic wrought iron furniture, wicker, or simple plastic furniture, there are myriad resources available at your disposal to help you find not only the outdoor furniture to suit your particular tastes, but also save plenty of money.


If money really is no option, then your best outdoor furniture resource is online. From online retail stores such as Amazon to speciality stores that focus primarily on a specific type of office furniture, the Internet is a veritable treasure trove of resources devoted entirely to decorating your porch or patio. These sites will allow you to compare prices, check out ratings, and mix and match components to help you choose the right style and colors.

If you’d prefer to not pay shipping charges or extra money for top-of-the-line furniture, big department stores such as Target and Wal-Mart offer a wide variety of outdoor patio furniture. While the options are typically relegated to wrought iron, wood, and plastic, it’s always possible to find one that sells fancier types, such as rattan, teak, and furniture modeled in a vintage style. These less-fancy types of furniture are suitable for all types of patio and decks, are typically neutral in color, and are, perhaps most importantly, very affordable. Many sets, which often include chairs, tables, covers, and even the umbrella can be priced at under $500, with cheaper sets running approximately $200, depending on quality and the number of components sold with it.

Another great resource for patio furniture is garage sales. As people decide to upgradeor move to another home or town, they often sell their larger pieces of furniture, including outdoor furniture, for rock bottom prices. While the quality is definitely suspect due to being used, spending a few extra dollars to spruce up the furniture makes the saving completely worth it. Best of all, you can inspect the already-assembled furniture to ensure that everything is in working condition and thus suitable for your home.

Finally, online classifieds such as Craigslist are a great place to find outdoor furniture at relatively cheap prices. It contains hundreds of sellers sellings their patio furniture, offering the buyer a wide range of options. The options are thus far greater than those available at stores or garage sales, therefore saving you countless hours of driving from store to store looking for the perfect piece of furniture. You should always make sure that you inspect the furniture first, as well as never go alone. While the majority of sellers on Craigslist are legit, many have a tendency to be unscrupulous, and thus having someone with you is always the best way to stay safe.

Posted on July 2, 2012 at 9:00 AM