Protect Your Furniture with Patio Furniture Covers

When it comes to patio furniture, most rarely bring theirs inside. Instead, they leave it to the elements and hope for the best; others, in their infinite wisdom, choose to take care of their outdoor patio furniture through a variety of means. While you can’t really question the wisdom of bringing the furniture indoors or under cover such as an awning, doing this daily would prove to be too much of a hassle to be sustainable in the long term. As such, most tend to employ the use of patio furniture covers to protect their furniture.



Patio furniture is subject to harsh conditions on an almost daily basis. Torrential rain, freezing snow, hail, and extreme heat can all damage your furniture over time, resulting in an unwanted headache and a need to replace the furniture. All of these potential problems can be avoided with the simple purchase of furniture covers.

Patio furniture covers are typically broken down into the piece of furniture they’re designed to cover. They’re generally made of a water resistant and UV resistant fabric that stretches over the furniture and connects using a piece of velcro. This prevents it from flying away when it gets too windy outside. Most patio furniture covers are “one size fits all”; for example, round, oval, and rectangular tables can all use the same cover due to the area it covers. Most come with a warranty that usually lasts several years, so if it wears down in some way due to a defect or consistently harsh weather conditions, it can be replaced.

Since patio furniture is designed to give off a certain aesthetic, patio furniture covers can either be decorated with a pattern or a solid color. Whichever you choose is based solely on your own personal opinion. Decorated patio furniture covers might make for a good conversation piece, but solid, neutral colored covers add a level of luxury and subtlety to your patio when the furniture is not in use.

Patio furniture covers can be purchased at most places that sell patio furniture, though the price and availability may vary, especially if you have unique or custom made furniture. In the end, investing in a good and affordable cover for your patio furniture can be the difference between paying a little now and paying a lot later.

Posted on June 29, 2012 at 9:00 AM