The Beauty and Benefits of Wooden Garden Furniture

While wrought iron and teak furniture is all well and good, nothing gives your deck or patio a beautiful rustic aesthetic quite like wooden patio furniture. Wooden patio furniture offers a wide variety of choices, and whether you’re looking for something modern and sleek or handcrafted and unique, you will no doubt discover something that not only appeals to your own personal taste, but matches the design and layout of your home.


One of the benefits of wooden garden furniture is the sheer number of types of wood available; however, there are three main types used for furniture - pressure treated, redwood, and teak. Redwood and teak wood are the strongest, as they’re naturally resistant to water and insects. Redwood, however, is softer, and can easily scratch, so if you’re looking to buy a piece of garden furniture once and only once, then teak is the way to go. Pressure treated wood is some of the cheapest type of wood used for patio furniture, as the chemicals used to help make it more water and insect resistant has a tendency to corrode the screws and bolts use to make the piece of furniture in question.

Although your wood options might be limited, if you’re not a fan of the standard “wood brown” and its many shades, many types of wooden furniture come in white or another neutral color, allowing you to paint it any color you’d like. This is ideal if you plan on matching a colorful aesthetic in or around your home and can’t find a piece of wooden furniture that matches.  

Wooden garden furniture comes in a variety of forms, from picnic tables, Adirondack high back lounge chairs, and the trusty bench. It’s comfortable, relatively easy to clean, and most importantly, absolutely beautiful to look at. Unlike plastic and wrought iron, wooden furniture brings to your home a specific look, making it the ideal choice for those with a penchant for Southwest or mountain decor. Wooden furniture can be found in stores, though the greatest number of options are available in speciality stores and online.

Posted on July 5, 2012 at 9:00 AM